Dr. Phil endorses HNT Youtube

Dr. Phil endorses HNT

Dr. Phil episode about Ted Williams featuring Dr. Jay Grossman of Homeless Not Toothless.


Sharon Stone talks about HNT

Sharon Stone on HNT

Sharon Stone, actress and philanthropist, and founder of Planet Hope, talks about Homeless Not Toothless and treating foster children as well as homeless patients.

What is Homeless Not Toothless

What is HNT?

This video is a compilation video featuring the Homeless Not Toothless program, including interviews with Sharon Stone, Dr. Charles Sophy, Dr. Jay and more.

So what's HNT all about?

Founded by Dr. Jay Grossman in 1992, Homeless Not Toothless is a 501C(3) non profit program providing free dental care to the homeless and under-served. Presently, there are nearly three dozen dental offices participating in the greater Los Angeles area. Most of the patients are referred by the Venice Family Clinic and local shelters, (change to Venice Family Clinic, the VA, LA Department of Family Services (DCFS Foster Care) and local shelters.

Since its inception, Homeless Not Toothless has provided over $3,000,000 in service for this population. The dentists who volunteer their time and either pay for laboratory expenses themselves or work with labs who donate dental work as their way of contributing to this cause. In addition, the dentists and staff who work with the homeless patients do so without any financial compensation and with only the kindest and most generous of hearts.